Bringing Your Ideas To Life!

About Us

Our young people are our future; they will dream up new industries, create the new jobs and become our civic leaders. The Hunter Young Business Mind Awards is about letting them know that we are here to support them as they find new ways to contribute and lead important change for our region and country.

Hunter Business Community Collaborating for Youth

The Local Chambers of Commerce in the Hunter region, in collaboration with the Hunter and NSW Business Chambers and key stakeholders in education and business around the region, want to help our creatives youngsters bring their ideas to life.


Hunter Young Business Mind Awards is a truly collaborative program aimed at supporting, developing and celebrating our regions youngsters as they embrace and fire up their creative, entrepreneurial and innovative side of their thinking.

The Young Business Mind Awards concept was first initiated by the Dural and Round Corner Chamber of Commerce in 2013 as a way to recognise young and emerging local entrepreneurs while promoting and supporting local businesses and strengthening community ties.

Local Chambers of Commerce (LCC) in the Hunter region, in collaboration with the Hunter and NSW Business Chambers and key stakeholders in education and business bring the Young Business Mind Awards program to the Hunter, using the earlier model and transitioning it into a program, which will work best for this region.

Program Delivery and Facilitation

The pilot of the Hunter Young Business Mind Awards program is being auspiced by Hunter Futureprenuers Program. A steering committee, chaired by the NSW Business Chambers LCC Relationship Manager – Hunter Region and made up of various stakeholders I.e. Local Business Chamber representatives, business leaders, educators and special advisors, sets the direction and goals of the program.

Our Focus is Delivering Tangible Outcomes

Key Outcomes

  • Identifying and recognising young people who have a business now, or have a great idea for a business and then supporting them to develop it outside of the classroom.
  • In the business community, acknowledging and recognising those schools and teachers who are innovating in their delivery of learning in creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Giving our young people a voice and learning how they see business happening in the future.

Outcomes for Business Chambers and Business Community

  • Connecting, supporting and developing the youth of the region.
  • Improving the ability of the business community to collaborate with the educators in the development and support of our region’s youth.
  • An opportunity to engage students and their families.
  • An opportunity for the business community to work together.
  • Providing an environment to support our youth.

Outcomes for Students

  • An opportunity for the students to showcase their creations, business ideas, inventions and innovations.
  • An opportunity to interact with local established businesses, and other schools.
  • A opportunity for students to develop their concepts into real projects or businesses.
  • Supporting their personal growth, with regard to career development.
  • Recognising their community supports them as creators, business and social entrepreneurs.
  • An improved sense of self-worth.
  • Fantastic Prizes.

Outcomes for Schools

  • The ability to build relationships with regional and local business communities.
  • Recognition of the school, their approach to education and the students coming through their system.
  • New opportunities for their students to develop career and life skills.
  • Easy program for the schools to participate in.