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Program Ambassador

Meet our Program Ambassador, Jennifer Holland CEO & Founder
Throat Scope Pty Ltd & Holland Healthcare Inc

Jennifer Holland is an entrepreneur and inventor who has successfully ideated, designed, developed and patented the world’s first all-in-one light and tongue depressor, Throat Scope and developed the first Oral Health Telemedicine App.

At a young age, Jennifer knew that she wanted to invent a product that would have a great impact on the world. This passion never waned. The right opportunity presented itself in 2009 when Jennifer took her 18-month-old son to the doctors. Heavily pregnant with her second child, the doctor asked her to restrain him as the doctor pried open his mouth with a wooden tongue depressor in one hand, and a torch in the other. This distressing experience served as the lightbulb moment for Throat Scope.

Jennifer has been awarded several awards for her hard work and determination which includes winning gold in the Product Innovation category at the Ausmumpreneur Awards 2017 and Lake Macquarie Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.

The Throat Scope device has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards including an Edison Award in 2017, Gold Sydney Design Award in 2015 and ‘What’s Your Big Idea Queensland?’, which included a $50 000 grant towards Throat Scope in 2011.

In October 2015, Throat Scope was launched into the Australian retail and health markets. Throat Scope signed several domestic distribution agreements including a retail pharmacy chain. The retail chain signed Throat Scope in seven days, breaking their company record.

Throat Scope has since secured healthcare and retail distribution of the device worldwide. Throat Scope has increased the ease of consultations for medical professionals, hospitals, and homes around the globe. Throat Scope is currently available in 155 countries and on the shelf in over 5000 retail stores worldwide. Throat Scope is endorsed by the Oral Cancer Foundation in the USA as the number one in-home device used to detect oral cancer. Positively changing lives is one of Jennifer’s passions and to be able to help others is highly rewarding and gives purpose to the company’s journey.

Jennifer’s mission for Throat Scope Pty Ltd and Holland Healthcare Inc was inspired by problems she faced with her four children. We create ‘Inspired Diagnostic Solutions’ to transform oral health by developing revolutionary medical devices and digital health tools used in the Medical and Home Care Markets.