Bringing Your Ideas To Life!

Meet our HYBMA Delivery Partners

The HYBMA team are very thankful for the support of our Program Delivery Partners Purser Corporate Communication, Design Change and Agents of Obelisk. 

Meg Purser

Meg Purser

Managing Director, Purser Corporate Communications

Janelle Gerard

Janelle Gerrard

Purser Corporate Communication specialises in an integrated approach to corporate communication, working with clients to develop strategies that support and advance their business objectives. Since 1984, the consultancy has worked with national, state and regional organisations in both the public and private sectors to support their corporate goals through timely and professional services. This holistic approach to communication strategy leverages a range of communication tools and the expertise of our consultants.

Managing Director, Meg Purser, is a passionate advocate for the Hunter and provides her time, skills and her organisation's resources to assist a range of local charities and not for profit initiatives including the Hunter Young Business Minds Awards.

Janelle has spent her extensive career in advertising, branding, marketing, and design.

In the past she worked on many international brands like Amex, Revlon, Oral B, and P&O. Today she gets more enjoyment working with smaller businesses. Design Change began in 2000 and it is her down to earth and practical approach to brand and marketing that makes her easy to work with. Creating memorable authentic brands is what she does best.

Allan Smith

Allan Smith

Managing Director, Agents of Obelisk

We are constantly redefining what it means to be successful in an online marketing space. This is because we honestly believe that for every company, there is a personal and unique approach to digital marketing.

Agents of Obelisk is a team of passionate professionals that understands what it takes to bring your online presence to a new level. Have you ever played super mario? Think of us as the mushroom to power up your digital solution!

In 2016 Agents of Obelisk started a movement for change and growth. We formed with a vision, organisations professionally presenting their dreams with the world online.

By partnering with Agents of Obelisk, you will be partnering with a team that is passionate about education, knows how to promote your brand and wants to understand you and your company.

Program Advisors

When you are in business you need great advisors in the areas of businesses planning, accounting, and legal. We have some great local firms supporting us in doing just this.

Program Delivery

The Hunter Youth Business Mind Awards team have great support from local businesses in the delivery of the program. Meet our brand and digital marketing team.

Business Chamber Network

In the Hunter, we have a progressive and engaged community of Local Chambers of Commerce (LCCs) wanting to support our young people bring their ideas to to life.

Business Supporters

This awards program will not be possible without the support of our regions business community. We are thankful to those businesses and organisations who have already pledged their support.

The Hunter Youth Business Mind Awards team is very thankful for the support from organisations in our region who are connecting, engaging and supporting young people.